Core Zetbox Development Environment

This chapter will describe how to contribute to zetbox basic. A Guide how to develop applications with zetbox will be covered in UsingZetBox.

Preparing a clean local build

First, it is necessary to have a clean build environment. Use subst to create a drive P: where your checkout resides in a directory called Zetbox.

The !FullReset.cmd will bring the database and the bootstrapping code up to the current Database.xml’s content.

Now the environment is ready for programming.

Merging local and remote changes

When the subversion repository has changed the Database.xml while local changes were made to the schema, it is necessary to merge them before comitting.

After fetching and merging the update from the subversion repository, the local Database.xml has changes which are not yet in the database. Running !DeployAll.cmd updadates the SQL-schema and produces a new set of generated assemblies in the CodeGenPath. After testing that the merge was successful, use GetCodeGen.cmd to update the working directory with the newly generated bootstrapping code.

Now the working directory is ready for check in.